Finally starting my blog

I reserved this blog name for some time ago, but for some reason I never got really started writing anything. Today I finally decided to do something about this.

Year ago I started a new page in my life when I resigned from Nomovok being the first employee and spending almost 10 years working for the company. As a surprise to many, I moved to London working for Nokia. Since I'm a greedy bastard (as my old lectured at TUT named me), I also have my own company in Finland that I use for random projects outside my day job and for projects that are out of the scope for my day job, thought the company is mostly just idling.
Two months ago I moved to new apartment in London and I finally got extra room to have actual study/guestroom which caused some challenges for my networking and distribution of different devices and computers. I also started to build some experience with iOS development and soon I'm also going get some experience with Android. Due the stuff I have been doing and experiencing, I realized I have learned bits and pieces others might find helpful and this was the actual reason for me finally starting to write this blog and share my experiences.

This blog will be about my opinions and experiences with technology and if you find this interesting, stay tuned.